Harrington Park, NJ Residence

This project was a complete renovation to a 1900’s colonial style home.  The project involved an extensive interior demolition on the first and second floors of the existing home.  Additions were constructed at the rear of the home that is the family room and an addition at the side of the house that is the new front entrance to the home.  On the floor above this side addition is a master bedroom. The first floor renovations made a living room and dining room of the home’s original great room.  The renovated and expanded kitchen and a home office space are adjacent to the new family room addition. The second floor renovations altered a large existing bathroom and made it two bathrooms, one shared for the bedrooms and one for the master bedroom.  A shed dormer addition expanded the usable space in the master bedroom closet, the stair and a bedroom.  The result is a beautifully renovated home with open plan living, an abundance of windows for daylight, and tailored to more contemporary living.