Design Services

Schematic Design/Planning Services

Our personalized Planning Services begin well before any sketches are generated.  They are designed to explore each project’s requirements as dictated by the client’s needs, lifestyle, conceptual ideas and individual vision.  During this crucial phase of the project, MKM Architects will either evaluate the site of your new construction or note existing conditions for renovations and/or additions.  All zoning, building and regulatory codes will be researched; drawings will be made of any existing structure.

MKM Architects will develop sketches of multiple design ideas, thoroughly reviewing their advantages and disadvantages while refining a design as often as necessary to insure that your needs and ideas have been adequately served before rendering a final Schematic Design and entering into the Design Development phase of the project.

Design Develpment/Construction Document Services

The Design Development Phase of the project will take the approved Schematic Design and refine it.  The design and drawings will communicate and document more detailed aspects of the project, strengthening and reinforcing the principles established at the beginning of the design process.  Drawings will show dimensions, proportions and shape and major room finishes, material selections and the work of the technical consultants (i.e.: structural engineers, civil engineers, etc.) will begin.

Construction documents typically consist of a site plan, floor plan(s), framing plans, a lighting plan, exterior elevations, interior elevations, wall sections, electric and plumbing plans, door window and finish schedules and a project specification.  During this phase of services, the architect will review and revise the construction documents with you to assure they meet your expectations.

Construction Services

Once the construction documents are completed, MKM Architects will give them to the owners to solicit construction bids.  The architect will continue to be available to answer any technical questions about the project or the drawings.  During construction, MKM Architects will continue to be an instrumental part of the construction team doing periodic site visits, answering questions of the owner or contractor and helping to insure that the project is built according to the issued construction documents.  MKM Architects is with the owner until the end of construction.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies address an owners need to explore design opportunities with out committing to full architectural design services.  For a Feasibility Study, MKM Architects will look at a particular design challenge, determining if it is possible to create solutions given the involvement of many different factors (structural, usage of land, etc.) and further, if feasibility is proven possible in terms of building or renovating, MKM Architects will develop multiple design solutions for review by the owner.  The final feasibility document will provide the owner with the data and resources necessary to make an informed decision about whether or not to execute the project.